5 Gorgeous Gray HairStyles 2019

Today more and more women are embracing a more natural look when it comes to hair colors and so even the gray hair look is no longer taboo. With hair color trends now fully embracing gray and silver strands, there’s never been a better time to make the transition naturally.

Here are some gorgeous gray/silver hairstyles that you may want to try out.

Blonde Hair Mixed With Gray Hair

This hair color works well if you’re a natural blonde. Blonde and gray blend well together and you will look stunning!

Simply Just Gray

Gray is just a beautiful and mature hair color that most ladies should have when aging well. It’s trending now days so why not grow out your gray hair?

Black Hair With Gray Highlights

This is also know as salt and pepper hair color. It’s a wonderful blend of black hair and gray hair.

Silver Hairstyles

Silver hair is a new thing with all ages. Goes well with every skin tone and it’s sexy.

Balayage Silver/Gray Hair

Another beautiful hair color with gray. Balayage is very popular these days and you can have many combinations and it’s easy to maintain.

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2 Replies to “5 Gorgeous Gray HairStyles 2019”

  1. I’m trying Fanola No Yellow for times when the silver gets yellow tones. It’s been recommended by top stylists and has even been used as a toner. To deposit silver on my bleached hair I’m using Gem Lites Colorditioner, there is also a shampoo, in Flawless Diamond. Just a note, not all mature women grey very much so chemical intervention is needed.Lauren

    1. Hi Lauren Rose,
      Thanks for commenting. I agree with you that sometimes you just need to dye your hair. But it’s always nice being natural and not using too many chemicals that can damage your hair.

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