Top 5 Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Every girl’s dream is to  look fantastic on her wedding day, whether she’ll be the bride or just be part of the bridal party. Here are 5 updo wedding hairstyles for all types of hair that seem to be trending nowadays.

We took a look at a collection of buns, side braids, fishtail and  a combination of both braids and bun hairstyles. Check these great tutorials we personally picked for you from our favourite Youtubers.

1. Simple Formal Updo

This is a simple classic updo hairstyle that can be used for special events and for weddings.  Its a combination of a twisted braid and lower bun hairdo. You can easily add jewelrywedding hair accessaries in this hairdo as well as  wedding veils.

2.Double Braid Wrapped Roll Bun

This hairdo is a braided low bun style also great for weddings.You can also add some hair extensions for more volume.

3.Tuck And Cover French

This hairstyle is a mix of half french braid with a bun  using a headband.

4.Double Braided Updo

This is another beautiful braided low bun hairstyle great for weddings and special events. It’s simple and easy. It only takes a few minutes to do.

5.Fishtail and Side Bun

This is another great hairstyle for weddings. It’s a combination of a fishtail and a side bun hairdo. It only takes a few minutes to do. You can easy add any wedding hair pins, and then add flowers or other head / hair pieces. Simple!

Hope you enjoyed these  wedding hairstyles tutorials. Have fun hairstyling!!!

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