Top 8 Best Blonde Hair Colors

Top 8 Best Blonde Hair Colors

By Melissa Phillips

Being a Blonde is fun and sexy. Try these fabulous blonde hair color ideas. Whether it is an Ash Blonde, Honey Blonde, Platinum or Golden Blonde, it important to find the best hair color that suits your personality, your mood or your style.

Get inspired by blonde hair color ideas before you book your next hair appointment and that would leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Are you ready to go blonde, ladies???

1.Dirty Blonde Hair Color

This is a medium blonde hair color that has different tones of brown and blonde making it achieve a dirty blonde hair color.

2.Ash Blonde Hair Color

This hair color is known for having grey undertones that are matched by beautiful bright blonde giving it a gorgeous look. A timeless style, suited also for women in their 40s or 50s.

3.Honey Blonde Hair Color

This hair color is for girls that like having light yellow highlights and golden brown blended in together to create a beautiful honey shade.

4.Platinum Blonde Hair Color

​​​​​​​This is a fabulous eye catching hair color. It is considered the lightest blonde hair color and goes well with fair to medium skin tones.

One-shade wonder is timelessly feminine and gets an edgy update with a modern cut.

5.Golden Blonde Hair Color


This is a typical Hollywood glamour hair color. It has golden and honey shades that go well with fair to medium skin tones and brown eyes.

6.Sandy Blonde Hair Color

This lovely hair color is rich with warm tones to it. It has a dark blonde base with balayage highlights from mid lengths to ends of hair. It goes well with fair skin tones and light eyes. But also with darker skin tones.

7.Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

This is a sweet hair color that takes us back to the Italian Renaissance Period. It is basically blonde hair with reddish tones to it giving it a light red to orange color. A bit more audacious but certainly eye-catching.

8.Balayage Blonde Hair Color

This hair color is rooted in the French hairstyle fashion. It consists of highlights from different shades such as warm caramel to ash blonde and or bleach blonde and an icy blonde. It also has darker tones either on roots or lowlights blending in with lighter tones.


Blonde is probably one of the most versatile colors you can pick, and has so many variations. Check with your hair stylist and always try to go for natural coloring products, as harsh chemicals can damage your hair in the long run.