Top 5 Easy Updo Hairstyles For Long,Medium And Short Hair

By Jessica Tremblay

Whether wedding, graduation ball or party night: updos always conjure an elegant look. Unfortunately, they can look a bit old-fashioned and that’s why we have collected the most beautiful ideas for updos for you, which are modern, contemporary and super trendy, but of course still retain the noble charm.

This style works best with healthy, clean hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry. Since freshly washed hair is sometimes a bit difficult to style, because it slips very easily from braces and hair ties, it is recommended to apply some dry shampoo. This can be applied quickly, it matts immediately, absorbs excess fat from the scalp and makes the hair look fresher.

Things to avoid

You should avoid styling mistakes that could make your updo look old-fashioned. For example, avoid using too much hair spray, the hairstyle otherwise appears “concreted” and totally artificial. Even strands that are turned into corkscrew curls, zigzag crests or kitschy jewelry elements are among the no-nos of updos.  An updo also stands and falls with the crown. This should always fit the personal face shape and emphasize contours. Depending on whether you have a round, very long or angular face, the middle or side apex can create a great visual balance.

Top 5 – Here are the most beautiful modern updos for you to take inspiration from. Try any of them at home. It is best to watch a tutorial (see below) and practice the hairstyle a few times before you rock it at your next big event.

The Banana Hairstyle

Do not worry, the name may not sound very appealing, but the banana is really elegant and one of the classics of updos. It is timelessly modern and works flawlessly even with medium-length hair. Our tip: To pimp the banana hairstyle, you can incorporate lateral wicker elements, style the hair in an undone look or tint the hair with a soft rose so the hairstyle immediately seems trend-conscious.

Step # 1: Separate a strand of hair from the front and fix it with a clamp. Now brush the hair on one side (as if you want to tie a side braid) and fix it with another hair pin. Who takes it very carefully, chooses a needle that fits the hair color. Then toup the lengths a bit.  Step # 2: Grasp the loose hair half with one hand as if you were making a ponytail out of it and turn it around its own axis. Hold the strand at the height of the highest point of the back of your head.  Step # 3: Hit the top of the twisted strand at the top so that the tips form a small roll. Now fix the banana with other hair pins. Insert them horizontally and laterally into the banana so that they disappear into the hair roller.  Step # 4: At the end, the hairstyle is fixed with a little hair spray.

•Node Knot Hairstyle

Are also among the classic updos and can be interpreted in numerous ways. Cool yet chic: we style the knot in a ragged undone look, which makes the hairstyle look less stuffy.

Step # 1: In the first step, the hair on the back of the head is slightly teased. Then you put your hair in a high ponytail and divide your hair into two.  Step # 2: Now you twist both strands of hair around each other: First the lower strand to the right, around the upper hair tie around at the end with Bobby Pins stuck. Then comes the upper strand on the same principle – only in the other direction – in turn.  Step # 3: At the end you loosen a few strands carefully and pull them out of the hairstyle. Fix with a little hair spray and the undone knot on the back of the head is done!

Upside Down: Braided Space Buns

This is the ultimate festival hairstyle – they have the perfect pinch of casualness; In combination with braided details, glittering earrings and an elegant dress, they are nevertheless very elegant. Step # 1: start by combing your hair upside down with a comb, and separating your hair into two parts and secure one with an elastic band. Step # 2:  create a braid from one piece of the strand and then adding other strands to the braid. Keep the braid tight.  Step # 3:  keep braiding till the hair reaches the top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Then do the same on the other side and make sure the ponytails are at the same level on your head. Step # 4: tease the hair and twist the ponytail around the elastic bands making two buns and secure them with bobby pins and hair spray. Then your done!

•Simple Chignon

The chignon, meaning a bun tied deep in the neck, is really always trendy and fashionable. This is how it works:

Step # 1: Comb the hair first with a brush and tie it with an elastic band  into a deep ponytail . Step # 2: Then you carefully  twist and wrap the hair around the elastic band. Finally attach well with bobby pins. If a few strands slip out, it does not matter – they give the Chignon the casual, modern touch.

•Braided Lace Bun

This updo has a particularly romantic character and is therefore perfect for weddings or other special events.

Step #1: start by making a high ponytail. Step # 2:  separate a piece of the ponytail then use a bun maker and place it through the ponytail and spread the hair out so it covers the whole bun. Step # 3:  take the separate piece of hair that was taken out earlier and start making a braid and adding other pieces of the hair from ponytail into the braid in one direction all around ,till you get to the end and secure it with an elastic. Step # 4: wrap the braid around the bun maker and put bobby pins and hair spray to finish it off.

Checklist Of Hair Tools You May Need To Style Your Hair.

Tail comb


Bobby Pins

Big hair pins

Hair elastics in different colors and sizes

Hair clips

Hair spray

Maybe salt spray, as a hair spray alternative

Volume spray

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