How To Color Your Hair Grey/Silver The Right Way

Who would have known that “going grey” can be a popular trend today? Just a few years back, people make an effort to cover up grey hair, especially women. Grey hair used to represent aging and anti-beauty. Women scramble to the salon as soon as a single grey hair spout.

What a difference a few years make. I am not sure when it all started, but a few years ago, I remember seeing Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Kylie Jenner, and many other celebrities donning the grey hairstyles. All of a sudden, I see grey hair color everywhere. Some call it ombre, silver hair highlights, silver blonde hair, and many others. It seems that we are choosing to go grey before the real ones come. Whatever brought about the grey hairstyle, we can’t deny the fact that it makes one look cool and badass, and it is taking the world by a storm. I can’t see it going anytime soon.

Things to Consider

Potential Hair Damage – Before you can achieve that fabulous silver blonde hair or the sought after ombre, your hair needs to be bleached. The silver grey hair dye will not be as effective if applied directly to your natural black or brown hair color. Your hair needs to be stripped off its natural color before the grey fabulousness is achieved. This process will cause some damage and hair breakage even when done by a hair professional.
Stop Dying Your Hair for 6 Months Before Bleaching.

  • Let your natural hair color grow for as long as possible or at least six months before bleaching your hair. This will allow for an even tone when the hair is bleached, making the silver hair color pop out even more when applied.
  • Get a Conditioning Treatment 2 Weeks Prior to Bleaching. Get a deep-conditioning hair treatment 1 or 2 weeks before bleaching to minimize the damage, breakage, and dryness it will cause your hair. Your hair will have some damage from bleaching no matter what, but the deep-conditioning treatment will lessen the blow.
  • Stop Washing and Conditioning Your Hair 48 Hours Prior. Protect your scalp from irritation during the whole bleaching process. Not washing or conditioning your hair for 48 hours will release the natural oil in your hair and will help protect your scalp from the irritation.
  • Prepare Yourself Mentally. Make sure that you are mentally ready for the outcome. Once you go grey, there is no turning back. Remember, the celebrities you look up to have professionals working on their hair daily to make it look flawless. Yours might not be as perfect as theirs. Also, prepare for a new look. Grey can drastically change your overall look. Sometimes, cutting off some of the damage will be necessary, too, changing your look even more.

Allergy Test

Once you have picked your favorite silver hair dye, do an allergy test before going into the whole process full on. Even if you don’t have any known allergies, it pays to be safe. You can develop an allergy to a chemical substance at any time, even with products that you have used previously. Do a little patch test using your chosen hair dye. Apply a small amount of the grey hair dye using a cotton swab to your arm or any other parts of your body. Watch out for burning sensations, itching, or redness in the next 48 hours. If you get any of these irritations, find another grey hair dye brand that does not give you any irritations. If you continue to develop allergic reactions, you may have to scrape the ombre plan. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Natural blondes have it easy. You can go ahead and put on the best permanent silver hair dye, and you are good to go. Unfortunately for us mortals, we will need to transition to a lighter color before we can apply the hair dye. So, bleaching it is!

It is vital to bleach your hair as light as possible, so your new grey color will be vibrant and even-toned.

Purple Toner

Applying a purple toner will prepare your hair for the grey hair color. It will remove the yellow undertones from bleaching your hair. Purple has a white-silver undertone, which will make the silver grey hair dye look vibrant and stand out.

Apply Silver Hair Dye

Choose the best permanent silver hair dye you can get. Make sure you read the package carefully, follow instructions, and do not leave the color on longer than recommended. Use hair clips to divide your hair into smaller sections and apply the grey hair dye as evenly as you can. While you can apply the color yourself in front of a mirror, having someone help you do it can bring better results. Get help so you can make sure the dye is applied evenly. When done, cover your hair with a plastic cap and let the color develop according to the directions on the label.

Wash Thoroughly

Wash your hair thoroughly once the grey hair color develops or once the time recommended leaving on the hair dye is over. Using a color-safe shampoo will ensure that you remove excess hair dye. You may have to wash more than once before all the excess hair dye is removed. Apply a nourishing conditioner, leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off to give your hair moisture, extra bounce and glow. Conditioning your hair right after washing will also prepare and protect your hair for blow-drying and styling.

When done right, going grey can make you stand out. Pulling off a hair transformation like faking the grey can be a challenge but can also be rewarding. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, get help from your friends. I recommend getting professional services for best results, but if your budget is tight, subscribe to my emails and get constant updates and more tips on how to achieve and maintain your gorgeous grey.

Best Grey/Silver Hair Products

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