How To Cut Your Hair DIY At Home Step By Step

Cutting your own hair at home may be challenging especially doing it yourself. You need to invest in a good pair of scissors and a good mirror. There are many ways to cut your hair either in layers, cutting it short-medium length, or just a simple trim. You can easily do this by cutting your hair in ponytail. Here is a step by step guide on how to cut your own hair DIY at home.

Tips Before Cutting Your Hair

Before you grab a pair of scissors, tell yourself if cutting your hair is really necessary at the moment. Also you want to avoid big changes. Unless you have split ends, then don’t do it.

Invest In Good Scissor Cutting Set

It’s important to have the best tools to cut your hair such as scissors, thinning scissors, hair clips, comb and a mirror.

How To Cut Your Hair In Layers At Home

You first want to make sure you gathered all the essential tools needed to cut your hair such as; a straightener, clippers or scissors, three elastic bands , a comb and a brush.

Step By Step Process

  • Put your hair in a high ponytail using an elastic band. Then use a second elastic band lower in the ponytail to keep hair together. The third elastic band will be tied where you wish to cut your hair. For instance if you wish to cut your hair at least 5 inches, then tie your third elastic just slightly below it approximately 4 inches.
  • Next grab a pair of scissors and start cutting above the third elastic band (5 inches). Cut the whole ponytail off. This basically cuts the split ends and leaves a blunt cut. You can keep it like this if you wish to only cut off the split ends.
  • Next remove the second elastic band and divide your hair into three parts putting each with elastic band to separate them equally creating three ponytails.
  • Then using your fingers to guide you, point cut your hair using the tips of your scissors for each separate ponytail. This helps remove the bluntness of your hair.
  • Check if hair is even by removing the elastic bands.If you see some hair not even, continue to point cut the ends.
  • If you want short hair, cut it till your neck area. For medium length, cut your hair to your clavicle area. If you want to keep it longer then, cut your hair till your sternum.
  • Then release your hair and see if your layers are even. You can continue thinning your layers using your thinning scissors and do it at an angle.
  • Brush your hair out and style it!

It’s important to have good styling products on hand that makes the best outcome. You can use the Got2b Got2b Glossy Serum after cutting your hair. It gives shine and it keeps your hair smooth.You only need one small drop and your hair will look great. You can also use a texturizing spray to help give it some shape and body. 

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