5 Best And Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles To Try Out

Every girl’s dream is to  look fantastic on her wedding day, whether she’ll be the bride or just be part of the bridal party. Here are 5 updo wedding hairstyles for all types of hair that seem to be trending nowadays.

We took a look at a collection of buns, side braids, fishtail and  a combination of both braids and bun hairstyles. Check these great tutorials we personally picked for you from our favourite Youtubers.

1. Simple Formal Updo

This is a simple classic updo hairstyle that can be used for special events and for weddings.  Its a combination of a twisted braid and lower bun hairdo. You can easily add jewelrywedding hair accessaries in this hairdo as well as  wedding veils.

2.Double Braid Wrapped Roll Bun

This hairdo is a braided low bun style also great for weddings. You can also add some hair extensions for more volume.

3.Tuck And Cover French

This hairstyle is a mix of half french braid with a bun  using a headband.

4.Double Braided Updo

This is another beautiful braided low bun hairstyle great for weddings and special events. It’s simple and easy. It only takes a few minutes to do.

5.Fishtail and Side Bun

This is another great hairstyle for weddings. It’s a combination of a fishtail and a side bun hairdo. It only takes a few minutes to do. You can easy add any wedding hair pins, and then add flowers or other head / hair pieces. Simple!

Hope you enjoyed these wedding hairstyles tutorials. Have fun hairstyling and don’t forget to subscribe and comment below!!!

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